Made In New York Jazz Community
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There are hardly two more creative spaces then the jazz world and the world of high technology. In the recent exciting news, the creative energy from these spaces is coming together with the Made in New York Jazz Competition. Trough the years our brand connected with the most powerful sources in the hi-tech industry. It included APPS, SOFTWARE companies, MODERN music brands and more..... Our partners create premium music apps, with millions of subscribers, offer the most advanced musical instruments and follow new marketing trends.

We all share common strategy! The audience has shifted from "paper" media to social media and the web which opens new resources for targeting and space to grow. Jazz has shaped to most influential styles of music and can be used as a great and soft PR for any company that wants to stay current and reaches new audience. Our advanced musicians target millions of users while promoting positive influence trough the cultural diplomacy of jazz music.

“This is a very exciting development that's going to touch really diverse areas of the jazz world in a very positive way,” commented Misha Brovkin the Founder of Made in New York Jazz Competition. “We have always loved to experiment with new technologies"